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Chinese Wedding Gift: Tradition and Contemporary Trends

Are you excitedly anticipating attending your Chinese friend’s wedding but feeling unsure about what gift to bring?

Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate the intricate world of Chinese wedding gifts, blending both modern and traditional ideas, and drawing from personal experiences.

So let’s dive in and discover the art of selecting a thoughtful and appropriate Chinese wedding gift that will leave a lasting impression of your genuine love and support.

Modern Chinese Wedding Gifts

Modern Chinese weddings often incorporate Western influences, allowing for a wide range of gift options.

Here are few gift ideas that are popular among modern Chinese couples:

1. Modern Home Appliances

In today’s digital age, modern home appliances are practical and thoughtful gifts. Consider gifting a smart home device, a high-quality blender, or a stylish kitchen gadget.

These items enhance the couple’s daily life and symbolize a wish for a smooth and convenient journey together.

Insider Tip: Air frier or oven are most popular ones to give these days at least among my friends circle 😛

Be careful with Chinese gifting the dos and donts.

2. Travel Experience

Experiences create lasting memories. Treating the couple to a romantic getaway or an adventurous trip is a wonderful gift idea. It allows them to create new memories as they embark on a new chapter of their lives together.

Bali, Indonesia Known for its stunning beaches, luxurious resorts, and vibrant culture. 
Bali is a favorite destination for honeymooners from China.

3. Customized Wedding Gift Baskets: Thoughtful Gestures

Customized wedding gift baskets offer endless possibilities for creating a unique and personalized gift.

Fill the basket with an assortment of items that reflect the couple’s preferences, such as gourmet treats, spa products, home décor, or cultural artifacts.

The thoughtful selection of items showcases the giver’s attention to detail and consideration for the couple’s tastes.

4. Silk Bedding

Silk bedding makes for a romantic and opulent present for the groom and bride. This high-quality fabric offers both comfort and luxury, ensuring a restful sleep for the couple. Additionally, silk bedding is a long-lasting gift, thanks to its durability, allowing the couple to enjoy its benefits for an extended period of time.

5. Jade Home Decor

Jade home decor serves not only as a visually elegant display but also holds significance in Fengshui by attracting positive energy. Therefore, presenting a piece of jade home decor as a wedding gift is an excellent choice for a newlywed couple to adorn their new home.

Different jade carvings carry distinct meanings, and for wedding gifts, mandarin ducks and flowers are particularly popular choices as they symbolize love and prosperity.

6. Red Envelope

The red envelope, known as “hongbao” in Chinese, has evolved into a popular and meaningful modern Chinese wedding gift. It holds a timeless charm and serves as a symbol of good wishes and blessings.

The red color represents luck, happiness, and prosperity in Chinese culture. By gifting a red envelope, the giver not only bestows financial support and practical assistance to the newlyweds, but also expresses their heartfelt congratulations and hopes for a joyful and prosperous future together.

The red envelope is a versatile gift that allows the couple to utilize the funds as they see fit, whether it be for starting their new life, planning for the future, or fulfilling specific aspirations. Its simplicity and flexibility make it a well-received and appreciated present in modern Chinese weddings.

This is the one I gave to all my friends who got married 🥰

Wedding Red Envelope Amount

The amount can vary depending on factors such as your relationship with the couple and your financial means. It is advisable to give an amount that is considered generous but within your means.

Go to 1:24 for the red envelop amount.

  1. Consider your relationship with the couple: Close family members and close friends may give a more substantial amount compared to distant relatives or acquaintances. From what I learnt for the close one, we give 1000yuan=150USD roughly.
  2. Consider regional customs: In some cultures, there may be specific customary amounts for wedding red envelopes. For example, in Chinese culture, even numbers are considered lucky, so gifts are often given in even amounts.
  3. Consider the wedding location and expenses: If the wedding is in an expensive city or venue, the couple may face higher costs, and a more generous gift could be helpful.
  4. Ask others: Ask other friends on how much they will give and it’s better you give the same amount. (This is what I do😋)

Traditional Chinese Wedding Gifts

Similar to the significance of “something blue” in Western weddings, Chinese weddings have their equivalent in “something gold.” In Chinese culture, gold symbolizes nobility and wealth, making it a highly meaningful wedding gift that conveys the family’s well-wishes for the newlyweds to lead a prosperous life together.

Traditionally, during the tea ceremony, the elders from both sides of the family present gold accessories and jewelry to the bride. This gesture holds deep cultural value as gold is considered the most precious item in Chinese tradition. By gifting gold jewelry, the family expresses that the bride is the most cherished individual in their midst.

If you have the honor of being invited to the tea ceremony, opting for a piece of gold jewelry as a wedding gift would be an ideal choice for the couple, symbolizing good fortune and blessings for their marital journey.

24 Karat Pure Gold

When it comes to selecting a gift for a Chinese wedding, one of the most traditional choices is 24 karat pure gold. This exquisite metal can be crafted into various forms, such as jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, or decorative objects for the couple’s home.

However, it’s not just the gift itself that holds significance in Chinese culture; the symbol and the amount you spend on the gift are also important considerations.

What is the makeup like for the bride in China to match with all these gold accessories? Full Guide HERE

Dragon and Phoenix Wedding Bangle

The symbol of the dragon, representing the male (yang), and the phoenix, symbolizing the female (yin), holds deep meaning in Chinese culture. Together, they symbolize everlasting love and marital bliss. It’s common for married couples to keep images of the dragon and phoenix in their homes as a representation of prosperity, success, and blessings for male offspring.

Gifting a dragon and phoenix-themed wedding bangle is a beautiful way to convey your wishes for a prosperous and harmonious marriage.

Mandarin Ducks – Symbolizing Love and Faithfulness

Mandarin ducks have long been associated with promoting love and marriage. According to ancient beliefs, these ducks remain faithful to their chosen mate throughout their lifetime.

It’s no wonder that images of Mandarin ducks are commonly found on wedding and greeting cards, as they express sentiments of love, faithfulness, and best wishes. Offering gifts that feature Mandarin ducks, such as jewelry or figurines, is a surefire way to convey your hopes for a happy and enduring union.

When my parents got married, they got a silp pillow cover with mandarin ducks on them.

Floral Designs – Lily and Lotus

The lily and lotus flower designs are often gifted to women on their wedding day. These flowers symbolize not only beauty but also represent the desire for a long-lasting and joyful union.

By gifting a 24K gold Chinese wedding necklace adorned with lily or lotus motifs, you express your wishes for the couple’s happiness and the blessings of children in their future.

9 Treasures Wedding Gift Box

In ancient times, Chinese brides were presented with a dowry of nine auspicious items to bring blessings to their new lives. Today, these nine treasures are beautifully boxed and gifted on the wedding day, symbolizing wishes for a lasting marriage. Each item in the box holds its own symbolism:

  • All-Well Scale: Symbolizes the beginning of a blissful marriage.
  • Union Mirror: Represents the union, perfection, and grace of the bride.
  • Happiness Basket: Signifies the wealth and abundance of the groom’s family.
  • Prosperous Scissor: Symbolizes an abundant and fruitful life for the bride.
  • Abundance Abacus: Represents the ability to plan and manage finances for a prosperous married life.
  • Devoting Pairs: Symbolize the couple’s devotion and commitment to each other.
  • Auspicious Comb: Represents the bond and endless love between husband and wife.
  • Everlasting Ruler: Symbolizes happiness in marriage, generations of love, and a successful career.
  • Fortunate Box: Carries the bride’s dowry and the bride’s good luck to her husband’s family.

Ruyi (pronounced “roo-ee”)

Ruyi, meaning “as you wish” in Chinese, is a 24 karat gold curved decorative object. It serves as a ceremonial scepter in Chinese Buddhism and is also considered a talisman of power and good fortune in folklore.

Ruyi represents good luck, protection, and the ability to find a clear path to fulfillment and destiny.

Chinese Rice Bowl Set

A gold rice bowl set is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Displaying this auspicious set at home is believed to improve career prospects, bring luck, and foster business success. It is also seen as a symbol of overall success and abundance.

Gold Pig Necklace

The gold pig necklace stands as a traditional and customary jewelry gift in Chinese weddings, specifically for the bride. Often embellished with a “double happiness” symbol or a depiction of a dragon and phoenix, the gold pig necklace holds profound symbolism.

It represents not only fortune but also fertility, signifying wishes for prosperity and abundance in the couple’s lives. Interestingly, there exists a belief that the size of the golden pig pendant correlates with the level of affluence the newlyweds will attain.

Chinese Wedding Hairpins

As an elegant and tasteful choice, a Chinese hairpin serves as a fitting wedding gift for the bride. These exquisite hairpins often showcase delicate flower designs or are adorned with lustrous pearls. Their purpose extends beyond aesthetics, as they harmonize flawlessly with the bride’s attire, such as the cheongsam or qun kwa, enhancing the traditional beauty of the ensemble.

Double Happiness Embroidery

Double Happiness, a symbol of joy and unity, is often embroidered on traditional Chinese wedding items. Consider gifting a beautifully embroidered Double Happiness artwork or decorative item, such as a wall hanging or cushion cover.

Traditional Chinese Tea Set

Learn how to do Chinese wedding tea ceremony from the video above.

Tea holds a special place in Chinese culture, and a traditional Chinese tea set is a meaningful gift. Look for sets made of fine porcelain and adorned with intricate designs. This gift represents the sharing of joy and tranquility in the couple’s life together.

Best teapot gift guide is here! 😊

Calligraphy Artwork

Calligraphy is highly regarded as an art form in China. A beautifully framed calligraphy artwork with auspicious blessings or a couplet is a thoughtful gift.

It represents the couple’s love, fortune, and prosperity.

Personalized Chopsticks

They make for a perfect and fortunate wedding present. They symbolize joy and prosperity within the family. In Chinese, chopsticks are referred to as “筷子” (“kuai zi”), which sounds strikingly similar to the word for ‘happiness’ in Chinese, “快乐” (“kuai le”).

Hence, gifting chopsticks to the couple is a representation of bestowing happiness upon them. Moreover, these chopsticks can serve as practical utensils for daily use and even hold significance as unique home decor items.

Presenting Your Gift

When wrapping Chinese wedding gifts, it’s important to consider the colors used. Red symbolizes luck, while pink and yellow represent happiness. Gold signifies fortune and wealth. Using wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows in these colors is a safe choice.

On the other hand, it’s best to avoid white, as it is associated with funerals and connotes death. Similarly, black and blue are also colors associated with death and should be avoided.

By selecting and presenting meaningful and symbolically rich gifts, you can demonstrate your thoughtfulness and well wishes for the couple’s happiness and prosperity in their marital journey.


When it comes to Chinese weddings, gift-giving is an opportunity to celebrate the couple’s union and honor their traditions. Whether you choose modern or traditional gifts, it’s the thought and symbolism behind them that matter most. By selecting a meaningful and personalized gift, you can convey your well wishes and blessings to the newlyweds as they embark on their journey together.


Should I wrap the gift in red and gold paper?

Wrapping the gift in red and gold paper adds an auspicious touch to the presentation. These colors symbolize good luck and wealth in Chinese culture, making the gift even more meaningful.

Is it appropriate to give Western-style gifts at a Chinese wedding?

While traditional Chinese gifts hold special cultural significance, it is perfectly acceptable to give Western-style gifts at a Chinese wedding. Modern Chinese weddings embrace a blend of traditions and modernity, allowing for a diverse range of gift options.

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