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Best Chinese Dating Apps: Unveiling the Top Picks for Finding Love!

In this hyper-connected era, nothing’s trendier than diving into the world of online dating apps! It doesn’t matter if you’re jetting off to China, a fresh-faced expat, or an old China hand, these apps have revolutionized the way we make connections and find love in this bustling land.

Swipe, match, and discover new folks you’d never cross paths with otherwise. So, why not embrace the power of dating apps and let serendipity do its magic in China!

Guess what? I’ll spill the beans! My boyfriend and I actually met through one of the dating apps mentioned below. It’s like a modern-day love story with a tech twist! 💑😉

App NameDescriptionKey Features
TANTANOften called the “Chinese Tinder,” popular among Chinese users in their 20s and 30s.Swipe left or right to match; free to use with optional upgrades.
TINDERWidely recognized international dating app, used in China, especially popular among expats.Sign up with phone number; can swipe in cities other than current one.
BADOOFree Chinese dating app with features similar to Tinder and Tantan.Shows people with shared interests and those crossed paths with you.
SoulSocial platform for Generation Z, focuses on virtual identities and personalized recommendations.Emphasizes interest graphs, personalized recommendations.
BLUEDTop app for China’s gay community, location-based dating and livestreaming service for gay men.Over 60 million users worldwide; used by both Chinese and expats.
BUMBLEWomen take the lead; women initiate conversations; option to search for friends.Enjoyed by expats in larger Chinese cities; reputed for good connections.
MOMOSocial messaging app; used more by Chinese people than expats.Allows searching partners by interests, location, appearance, etc.
COFFEE MEETS BAGELIntended for meaningful connections; enjoyed by young professionals and those in media, banking, law.Described as the “original anti-swiping app.”
Other Notable AppsHinge, OK Cupid, Mamba, Date in Asia, Baihe, QingChiFan.Various dating apps with different user bases and features.

Today, I've chosen these effective free Chinese dating sites for those who prefer not to download apps, embracing a more traditional approach.😘

A survey conducted by Date Night China in September 2021 revealed that an impressive 36% of respondents had indeed found their significant others through online dating platforms in China.

To streamline this process, I have curated a selection of the finest dating apps in China, catering to those seeking to connect with fellow expats or mingle with locals.


Often dubbed the “Chinese Tinder,” Tantan stands among the most sought-after Chinese dating apps. Mimicking Tinder’s mechanics, users craft a profile description and add photos, subsequently swiping left or right to express interest in people within their preferred age and proximity range.

Upon establishing a match, either party can initiate a conversation. Tantan boasts a sizable user base of Chinese individuals in their twenties and thirties, predominantly residing in urban regions of China. With user-friendly features and the option for free usage, Tantan proves accessible, offering additional paid upgrades for enhanced functionality.

Learn how to get your first tantan conversation going well with me. FULL GUIDE HERE

NOTEWORTHY: Most interactions on Tantan occur in Chinese, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to engage with locals or polish their Chinese language skills. (For non-Chinese speakers keen on joining, consider signing up for Chinese lessons!) 
However, it's worth mentioning that Tantan occasionally carries the stigma of being a mere hook-up app. The ultimate intention and search criteria are, of course, contingent on the individual and their match.


Universally acknowledged as the reigning king of international dating apps, Tinder has found its footing in China as well. In the past, accessing Tinder necessitated a VPN and a Facebook account, but now, a phone number will suffice for registration.

The app enjoys widespread popularity among expat communities in China and is also embraced by internationally-minded Chinese individuals, especially in prominent cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

For a stable connection on Tinder, I highly recommend using Astrill VPN. I have had five years of experience with Astrill, and it has proven to be super reliable.

KEY FEATURE: Many users opt for a Tinder upgrade, enabling them to swipe in cities beyond their current location. This feature proves invaluable for establishing connections ahead of planned travel.


Within the Date Night China community, numerous members have attested to their use of Badoo, a free Chinese dating app. Bearing similarities to Tinder and Tantan, Badoo empowers users to swipe left or right within the “Encounters” section, thereby discovering nearby singles.

One distinct feature of Badoo involves taking matching a step further—it showcases individuals in close proximity who share common interests and even those whose paths may have crossed during the day, ensuring “missed connections” become a thing of the past. Moreover, the app indicates when and where such encounters occurred.

If you want to stand out in the online dating world in China, whether you’re dating girls or boys, this colume contains a full list of articles that will provide you with inside information.


Soul App works as a dating platform by using an interest-based graph to match users with potential partners who share similar hobbies, interests, and preferences. Here’s how the app functions for dating:

  1. Interest-Based Matching: The app’s algorithm analyzes users’ interests and activities to find compatible matches. It suggests potential partners who have similar hobbies or passions.
  2. Private Messaging: Once matched, users can engage in private messaging to get to know each other better. This allows them to have one-on-one conversations and build connections.
  3. Group Chats and Parties: Soul App encourages social interactions through group chats and parties. Users can join themed group discussions or virtual events, fostering a sense of community and enabling them to meet more people with shared interests.
  4. Personalized Content Recommendations: The app offers personalized content recommendations based on users’ interests. This includes posts, articles, or events that align with their hobbies, helping to spark conversations and connections.
  5. Gamified Experience: Soul App incorporates gamification elements into its design, making the dating experience more interactive and enjoyable. Users may participate in fun challenges or earn rewards, enhancing engagement on the platform.
  6. Emphasis on User-Created Content: The app values user-generated content, giving users the freedom to express themselves creatively. This emphasis on original content fosters a unique and vibrant dating environment.
  7. Social Metaverse Vision: Soul App envisions creating a social metaverse for young individuals, providing a virtual space where users can connect, share experiences, and cultivate meaningful relationships beyond just dating.

By combining an interest-based approach, gamification, and user-generated content, Soul App aims to offer a refreshing and dynamic dating experience, tailored to the preferences and interests of its users.


Among China’s gay community, Blued ranks among the top dating apps. Launched in 2012 within China, this app now boasts a staggering 60 million users worldwide. Operating as a location-based dating and livestreaming service for gay and bisexual men, Blued has undoubtedly made its mark.

Additionally, other gay dating apps, such as Aloha, Scruff, and Grindr, find extensive use among both Chinese individuals and expats.


Bumble stands apart as a women-centric app where women seize the initiative. After a mutual swipe and match, women hold the power to initiate conversations, with men only allowed to respond once the women initiate contact.

Bumble also offers a unique facet of searching for friends rather than exclusively seeking dates. Though not among the foremost apps in China, Bumble enjoys popularity among expats residing in major cities, who attest to its efficacy.

It has earned praise for fostering genuine connections, as users are perceived to be more intentional in their app usage.


Momo serves as a social messaging app enabling users to chat with nearby friends and strangers alike. More commonly used by Chinese individuals than expats, Momo offers various partner search options based on interests, location, appearance, and more.

While some have found Momo to be conducive to friendship-making rather than dating, it may still lead to intriguing interactions.

Momo got the reputaion for hookups in China.


Branded as the “original anti-swiping app,” Coffee Meets Bagel targets individuals seeking more profound connections than the fleeting matches often encountered on Tinder.

This app, while fun and user-friendly, boasts a smaller user base compared to Tinder and Tantan. However, many daters in China appreciate its efficacy, particularly young professionals and those in media, banking, and law.

Ta Shuo

The app was developed by Wisdom Cupid (Sanya) Technology Co., Ltd. It offers users the opportunity to find dates, make friends, and expand their social connections.

The team diligently reviews user profiles, and with the help of an AI algorithm, the app recommends 21 suitable new friends to each user every day, facilitating quick and efficient matchmaking for their ideal partners.

Other Noteworthy Dating Apps in China to Explore:

Consider Hinge, OK Cupid, Mamba, and Date in Asia. While these international dating apps function effectively, it’s crucial to acknowledge that their user base may be smaller, prioritizing quality over quantity in potential matches.

For additional Chinese online dating app options, explore Baihe (百合) and QingChiFan (请吃饭). Although not as popular as TanTan, these apps offer a diverse selection of individuals seeking alternatives to mainstream Chinese dating apps.

Tips for Navigating Chinese Dating Apps:

Like any dating app, encounters with scammers, catfish, fake profiles, and bots can occur (regrettably). It’s wise to be discerning when evaluating matches and cautious when sharing personal information.

Equally vital is presenting oneself truthfully, for authenticity is key in forging meaningful connections. In this modern era, time is a precious commodity, leaving no room for games.

Using Dating Apps in China:

Engaging with a dating app in China mirrors the experience elsewhere—it yields rewards commensurate with one’s investment. The outcome is contingent upon individual aspirations.

Although the process may demand time and effort, uncovering those rare gems online can blossom into profound romantic connections and lasting friendships. Embracing new encounters in China enriches life abroad, facilitating meaningful experiences beyond one’s comfort zone.

So, fear not; embark on the journey of dating in China, and may happiness and fulfillment be your companions!


The most popular dating app in China is Tantan. It has gained significant popularity among young adults and is often referred to as the Chinese equivalent of Tinder.

Which Chinese dating site is considered the best?

Among the various Chinese dating sites, is often considered one of the best options. It is a reputable platform with a large user base and offers features to help individuals find compatible matches for dating and serious relationships.

How can one find a Chinese wife?

Finding a Chinese wife involves a combination of traditional and modern approaches. Here are some steps to consider:

a) Online Dating: Utilize popular Chinese dating sites like or Tantan to connect with potential partners.

b) Social Events: Attend social gatherings, cultural events, or international meetups where you can interact with Chinese individuals.

c) Learn about Chinese Culture: Understanding Chinese customs and traditions can help build mutual respect and appreciation.

d) Language: Learning basic Chinese phrases can be helpful in fostering communication and showing genuine interest.

e) Respect and Patience: Building a meaningful relationship takes time. Show respect, be patient, and let the connection grow naturally.

Remember, every individual is unique, so be open-minded and focus on finding a compatible partner based on shared values and interests.

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