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Best Chinese Calligraphy Brushes: Master Your Artistry with Every Stroke

Being Chinese myself and deeply appreciating the significance of calligraphy, I grew up seeing all kinds of brushes tested out by my father, a devoted calligraphy enthusiast. His passion for this art form is truly inspiring.

With this personal connection and my expertise in mind, I’m here to help you find the best brushes for your art. I can guide you to choose the perfect one that matches your style. Let’s explore together and pick the brush that’s just right for you! 😊

Best Calligraphy Writing Brush SetBest Couplet Brush for Font Size 12 to 14cmBest Deal Ever 12 Pieces in1
Portable Brush Ink Writing Paper Inkstone set : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐QingRen Couplet Brush: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐2 Pieces Chinese Calligraphy Brushes: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Strong Absorption: 84% Goat Hair
Quality Ink: 250g Chinese Ink
Portable Inkstone: Kuretake Inkstone
Initial Shedding: Normal for new brushes
Expert’s Pick: Brush Craftsmanship
Durability: Wooden Shaft
Versatile Tool: Multiple Styles
Initial Shed: Normal for New
Complete Set: 12-Piece Brush Collection
Perfect Gifts: Show Support and Improve Skills
Versatile Tools: Ideal for Various Arts
Minor Issue: Initial Shedding
Check the priceCheck the priceOn Sale

Origins and Significance: Around 300 B.C.E in China, the bamboo brush came into being primarily for calligraphy and ink painting. Paired with inkstone, inkstick, and xuan paper, they form the “Four Treasures of the Study,” the tools needed for ink-based creations. Among these treasures, the bamboo brush stands as the oldest, with its history tracing back to brush-painted items from the Zhou dynasty.

Bristles and Tradition: The bristles of bamboo brushes are commonly made from animal hair. Interestingly, brushes used in Imperial examinations held a strand of baby hair, believed to bring luck. In today’s context, modern bamboo brushes mainly use white goat hair, black rabbit hair, or yellow weasel hair, sometimes combining them.

From Tradition to Versatility: Beyond their traditional use, bamboo brushes have gained popularity for both ink-based art and watercolor painting. They’ve adapted to contemporary needs while preserving their historical essence.

Variety in Every Stroke: Bamboo brushes come in various sizes and sets, catering to different artistic preferences. Whether you need a single brush or a complete set, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Discover our carefully curated selection of top-quality bamboo brushes, combining heritage with modern creativity. Begin your artistic journey with these timeless tools.

Best Calligraphy Writing Brush SetQiming Wenfang Chinese Calligraphy Writing Brush Set(5 Pieces)

1. Diverse Brushes, Unique Expression: The QingYue Large Brush, embracing 84% goat hair, absorbs each nuance of your creation. With 13% pig bristle + 3% poly fiber, it responds uniquely, enhanced by a sturdy steel shaft, forming an extension of your passion.

2. Blend of Heritage and Modernity: 250g Chinese Liquid Ink resonates on xuan paper, bridging past and present. Complemented by bamboo paper, a tactile narrative unfolds, connecting you to age-old artistry.

3. Seamless Creative Haven: Dual-sided Japanese Kuretake Inkstone adds convenience, while the Felt Mat safeguards your workspace. Trust the 180-day refund policy from Qi Ming Wen Fang; it’s a pact of quality and inspiration.

Gift this set for beginners and experts, curated to inspire artistry. Qi Ming Wen Fang empowers your journey, marrying tradition with innovation.

Discover the astonishing versatility of Chinese bamboo🎍 - from crafting brushes to cocooning blankets, from shielding outdoor blinds to typing on keyboards, and even fanning elegance with hand fans; these extraordinary products await your exploration!

Best Couplet Brush⭐QingRen Couplet Brush for Font Size 12 to 14cm

As someone who’s just getting into calligraphy, the “Qing Ren” brush has been a game-changer. The blend of super goat hair and specially treated bristle + polyfiber truly makes a difference in my strokes. Plus, its adaptability to various styles has allowed me to explore and grow as a calligrapher.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in the brush’s composition are evident in each stroke. It’s quickly become my go-to for everything from Kaishu to Xingshu.

The medium size is just right for creating the art of couplets and detailed characters. The wooden shaft’s resistance to cracking adds a touch of reliability to my practice.

Best Deal Ever⭐12 Pieces Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

Total Game-Changer for My Art: I’ve been trying out this Chinese calligraphy brush set, and I’m seriously impressed. Got it for $15 and it’s been worth every penny.

The brushes come in different sizes, and they’re like a dream to paint with. They shed a bit at first, but that sorted out quickly.

Oh, and that trick with boiling water for the synthetic brush? Worked like a charm! I can’t believe how good my paintings look now.

These brushes are proof that you don’t need fancy stuff to make art that shines.

Yasutomo Bamboo Calligraphy Brushes

I’m really impressed with this Chinese watercolor brush. It’s got such a diverse range of line widths and strengths that make it incredibly versatile for all sorts of techniques.

One thing that caught my attention was how easily it produced those broken edges and that dry brush effect that I often look for in my work. What’s even better is its ability to transition between thin and thick lines effortlessly, giving me a wide spectrum of strokes to play with.

And let’s talk about how much water and paint this brush can hold – it’s perfect for experimenting with different washes and effects. Plus, it has this natural inclination and shape that lend themselves well to specific effects, which is quite intriguing.

I’m not one to shy away from working against the natural brush direction, and this brush handles it beautifully, adding a unique texture to my work. It’s durable too; I don’t have to be overly cautious with it. On a personal note, I’ve found that using this brush helps me loosen up creatively, maybe because it’s a departure from my usual tools.

The bamboo structure and that comfortable handle also make it a pleasure to work with. I’m really looking forward to taking this brush outside for some plein air painting – its potential to create such a variety of results is genuinely exciting for me.

Corciosy Chinese Calligraphy Brushes Gift Set

  1. Personal Aesthetics and Quality: Upon reviewing multiple options across various platforms, the choice fell upon this particular set, and it’s been a delightful selection. The amalgamation of aesthetics and included paraphernalia in this kit left a lasting impression, and the competitive pricing was an added advantage. The bamboo design on the ink stone closely resembled the displayed images.
  2. Good for Anyone: Whether someone’s starting or knows calligraphy, this set is awesome. The box looks nice and the brushes and ink are really good. It’s a great gift for people just starting and those who are already good at it. It’s a good idea for a present because it has what you need to do calligraphy, no matter if you’re new or not.
  3. Best for Starting Out: If someone’s new to calligraphy, this set is perfect. There aren’t step-by-step instructions, but that’s okay. The stuff comes in a strong box and there are guides that help with making characters. It’s a great way to get started with calligraphy.


What is the difference between white China and black China brushes?

  • White China Brushes: These brushes have white bristles made from animal hair, often from sheep or rabbit. They are known for their softer and more flexible bristles, making them suitable for delicate strokes and intricate details in calligraphy and painting.
  • Black China Brushes: These brushes have dark-colored bristles, which are usually stiffer and coarser compared to white China brushes. They are often used for bolder strokes and for creating expressive textures in both calligraphy and painting.

What is the best brush for Chinese calligraphy?

There isn’t a single “best” brush, as it varies from person to person. A calligrapher may use different brushes for different aspects of their work to achieve various effects.

Did the Chinese use the same brush for writing and painting?

Yes, historically, Chinese artists often used the same type of brush for both writing and painting. The brushes used in calligraphy and painting share similarities, but artists might choose different brushes based on the desired style and effect.

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