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Passional Lover Foundation: Personal Experience Unveiled

Passional Lover Brand

PASSIONAL LOVER, known as 恋火 Liánhuǒ in Chinese, is a luxurious cosmetics brand under the Marubi Group in China.

In October 2017, PASSIONAL LOVER officially became a part of the Marubi Group, establishing itself as the high-end cosmetics brand within the group.

Founded in 2002, Marubi Group originated with eye care products and now encompasses its flagship brand “Marubi,” the popular skincare brand “Spring Memo,” and the cosmetics brand “PASSIONAL LOVER.”

The foundation liquid from PASSIONAL LOVER is renowned for its “invisible” effect, making it a favorite among young women.

Passional Lover Foundation


This “Invisible Foundation” skyrocketed to fame upon its debut and has become my frequent repurchase lately.

Its instant makeup effect is delicate and adheres smoothly, with excellent staying power.

It almost eliminates any dullness, emphasizing a lightweight feel while not compromising on coverage—perfect when paired with a concealer.

Now, let’s talk about the “Invisible Powder Foundation”. The texture is exceptionally fine, and its coverage surpasses the previous one.

It falls into the medium to high range in terms of concealing power. Be cautious when opening the lid to avoid wasting this finely crafted powder foundation.

NANA x Passional Lover

I just had the most thrilling experience unboxing the NANA x Passional Lover Makeup Hachi Version, and I’m buzzing with excitement to share it with you.

Now, let’s talk packaging—it’s an absolute aesthetic dream. Pink, quilted sides, and that sweet touch with the number 707. The details are just adorable, and I can’t get enough.

Unveiling the box was like unwrapping a present filled with surprises. The Nana key, the foundation sample, and the little extras like Ren flower tattoos and stickers added a charming touch.

The mirror, though, stole the spotlight. The artwork of Nana and Hai is breathtaking, and peeling off that protective film felt like revealing a masterpiece. The little story they wove into the packaging just adds to the magic.

Moving on to the makeup—seriously, the foundation is a match made in heaven for my skin tone. The lipstick, slightly darker than expected, turned out to be this adorable surprise. And don’t even get me started on the eyeshadow palette. Glitter heaven! The shades are dazzling, and the artwork inside the palette is a lovely detail.

In a nutshell, the NANA x Passional Lover Makeup Hachi Version is like a dream in a box. The attention to detail, the artwork, the shades—it’s like they curated it just for me.

I’m genuinely smitten with this collaboration, and I can already tell it’s going to be my go-to for special occasions. If you’re a Nana fan or just a lover of gorgeous makeup, this is a definite must-have 💖✨

Chinese cosmetics have truly stepped up their game. If you’re a fan of C-beauty, be sure to check out my beauty section.

For those looking to explore more Chinese foundation liquids, I recommend checking out Tom Mark, Maogeping, and Uodo.

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