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Lychee and Dog Meat Festival – The Controversial Tradition

The Yulin Festival in China has been a controversial topic in recent years.

It is an annual event held in Yulin, Guangxi, where thousands of dogs are slaughtered and consumed as food.

The festival takes place on the summer solstice, which usually falls on June 21st or 22nd.

The Origins of the Yulin Festival

In 2009, the inaugural festival was held to celebrate the summer solstice.

  • It is a tradition in China to consume dog meat, with folklore suggesting that eating it during the summer season can bring good fortune and health.
  • Additionally, some individuals believe that consuming dog meat can help protect against illnesses and enhance male sexual potency.

However, there is no clear historical evidence to support these claims.

The festival has only gained widespread attention in recent years due to the efforts of animal welfare activists, who have condemned the festival for its cruel treatment of dogs and the unsanitary conditions in which they are slaughtered and sold.

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Controversies Surrounding the Yulin Festival

The Yulin Festival has been widely criticized both within China and internationally.

  1. Animal welfare activists have condemned the festival as barbaric and inhumane, with some reports suggesting that the dogs are killed in cruel and painful ways, including being beaten, boiled alive, and skinned alive.
  2. In addition to the ethical concerns, there are also health risks associated with the festival. Many of the dogs are stolen pets, which means they may not have been properly vaccinated or screened for diseases. This can lead to the spread of diseases such as rabies and the potential for human infection.

Efforts to End the Yulin Festival

There have been many efforts to end the Yulin Festival, both within China and internationally.

In 2017, the Chinese government issued a statement claiming that they were not officially supporting the festival and that it was a local event organized by individuals.

However, the festival continued to take place in subsequent years.

Animal welfare organizations and activists have also been working to end the festival.

These efforts have included public awareness campaigns, protests, and online petitions.

Some activists have also traveled to Yulin to document the festival and provide medical treatment to the dogs.

In 2020, the cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai, were the first in China to officially ban the consumption of cat and dog meat.

Do Most Chinese Eat Dogs?

No, They don’t.

Me as a Chinese myself never had dog meat and it’s not a tradition in the region where I grew up.

We raise dogs as pets.

Dog ownership has become popular among China’s growing middle-class; there are now 62 million registered as pets.

Animal activists, celebrities and younger Chinese citizens have been increasingly vocal on social media about opposing dog eating festivals and the practice in general.

A 2016 nationwide survey found that 64 % of Chinese citizens wanted the Yulin festival shut down and 69.5 % have never eaten dog meat.


In conclusion, the Yulin Festival in China is a controversial event that has been the subject of widespread criticism and condemnation.

While it is believed to have originated as a way to combat the hot summer weather, the festival has become a symbol of animal cruelty and unsanitary food practices.

Despite efforts to end the festival, it continues to take place every year, drawing both local and international attention.


What is the point of the Yulin dog festival?

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a traditional event that has been held annually in Yulin, China, since 2009.

The festival is intended to celebrate the summer solstice and is said to have originated as a way for locals to cool down during the hot summer months by eating dog meat.

Is the Yulin meat festival legal?

In China, the consumption of dog meat is technically legal.

Despite widespread protests from animal rights activists and international condemnation, the Yulin festival has continued to take place each year.

However, in recent years, there have been efforts to ban the festival or at least reduce its scale.

For example, in 2020, the local government of Yulin officially removed the festival from its list of cultural events, although it is unclear whether this will result in the end of the festival altogether.

Is the Yulin meat festival still happening?

Yes, the festival is still happening.

While the festival has continued to take place, there are growing signs that attitudes towards the dog meat trade are changing, which could lead to a more positive future for animals in China.

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