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Focallure Review You’ve Been Waiting For

Are you a beauty enthusiast in search of the next big thing in makeup?

Perhaps you’ve already heard of popular Chinese makeup brands like Zeesea and Flower Knows, but now you’re itching to explore more.

Look no further than Focallure, the game-changing Chinese makeup brand that has taken the beauty world by storm.

In this review, we’ll delve into Focallure’s captivating collection, featuring their highly sought-after items such as eye pencils, palettes, lipsticks, contour products, and foundations.

Brace yourself for an exciting journey and discover why this brand is an absolute must-try for all beauty enthusiasts seeking new and exceptional products from China.

Is Focallure a Good Brand?

Focallure is a great brand with amazing customer service. The representatives are highly responsive and helpful when contacted. Focallure comes highly recommended for its great prices and a wide selection of products.

The official website provides a user-friendly interface, and the service is efficient and prompt. Focallure has consistently delivered a satisfactory experience. Customers can expect carefully curated items that are both practical and exciting.

With its competitive pricing, Focallure stands out.

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Focallure Brand Reivew

Pronounced as “Fo-co-llure,” this Chinese cosmetics company is on a mission to unleash the hidden beauty in every individual through the magic of makeup.

Back in 2014, a group of fun-loving makeup scientists from China banded together with a common goal: to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. They took existing product formulas and completely reimagined them, resulting in brand new collections that offer extraordinary shine, incredible longevity, and a host of other exciting options.

And guess what? They’re not stopping there! Focallure, a proud Chinese brand, is constantly working on bringing even more wild and innovative choices to the table.

If you’re curious to learn more about Focallure, there’s a whole world of reviews waiting for you on YouTube and Instagram. Just search for “Focallure,” and prepare to be amazed by the surprises this Chinese brand has in store.

But here’s the best part: instead of boasting about themselves, Focallure believes in letting their satisfied customers and passionate makeup enthusiasts do the talking. They trust that those who have experienced their products firsthand can provide you with all the specific details and insights you need.

Get ready to unlock your true beauty with Focallure!

Focallure Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil

  • The 2 in 1 Eyeshadow Pen from Focallure is a game-changer! It combines the benefits of an eye shadow and an eyeliner into one handy product. This makes eye makeup application a breeze and saves so much time.
  • The color payoff is impressive, and the waterproof and crease-proof formula ensures that my eye makeup stays flawless all day long. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their makeup routine.
  • I’m in love with Focallure’s Hypoallergenic Eyeshadow. The creamy formula glides on effortlessly, feeling like silk on the eyelids. What’s even better is that no brushes are required, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go application.
  • The pigmentation is fantastic, and the colors are vibrant. It’s perfect for creating both subtle and bold eye looks. Plus, the fact that it’s hypoallergenic gives me peace of mind knowing it won’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Keep in Mind

The twist-up design is handy for quick application, but I noticed that the color faded throughout the day. It’s still a decent option for a quick daytime look, but I would recommend using a primer or setting spray for improved longevity.

Focallure Concealer Palette Review

The Color Concealer Palette is a game-changer! The range of shades is impressive, effectively neutralizing skin tone issues and concealing imperfections. It’s a versatile solution for both professionals and beginners, thanks to its lightweight and easy-to-blend formula. The long-lasting, water-resistant coverage ensures a flawless look that lasts all day, even in hot and humid conditions.

The creamy formula effortlessly corrects and brightens my complexion, leaving my skin looking flawless. The high-quality ingredients ensure smooth application and long-lasting pigmentation. It’s suitable for various skin types, from oily to dry or sensitive. Plus, the compact design makes it perfect for travel.

The array of shades caters to different skin concerns, effectively covering dark circles, redness, and blemishes. The lightweight formula feels amazing on the skin and provides full coverage without feeling heavy. It’s my go-to palette for achieving a natural and radiant complexion every day.

Keep in Mind

I found the formula to be slightly greasy requiring touch-ups throughout the day.

Focallure Contour Stick Review

I am absolutely thrilled with the convenience of the Blendable Highlight and Contour Stick! Having the highlight on one end and contour on the other makes creating a sculpted makeup look incredibly easy.

The formula is long-lasting, water-proof, and non-greasy, ensuring that my makeup stays intact throughout the day. The smooth and naturally lustrous finish adds a touch of elegance, leaving me feeling confident and beautiful.

The stick glides on smoothly, allowing me to gently sweep it over my cheekbones, brow bones, temples, forehead, chin, or any area I want to highlight or shade.

Positive Review 3: As a makeup enthusiast, I can confidently say that the Contour Kit is a must-have in any beauty arsenal. I love how the kit enhances my features. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday wear, this kit is a true game-changer.

Keep in Mind

The lightweight and portable nature of the product makes it easy to carry around, but I was expecting a more visually appealing packaging. Overall, while it’s suitable for personal use or as a gift, I wished the design had a more luxurious touch.

Focallure Lipstick Review


I am absolutely amazed by the innovative design of the Matte Lip-mud! This product combines the best of matte lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm in one formula. The highly pigmented color glides on effortlessly like a lip gloss, while delivering a true matte finish that lasts. I love how the supremely creamy mud texture moisturizes my lips, preventing moisture loss and leaving them feeling soft and nourished.

The Dumb but Not Dry Matte Lipstick is a true gem in my makeup collection. The velvety formula provides full coverage and a beautiful matte finish that lasts all day. I appreciate how it effectively conceals lip lines, creating a smooth and flawless appearance. The super-soft mud-like texture feels comfortable on the lips, and the richly saturated colors give me the bold and intense lip shades I desire.

I can’t get enough of the versatility of this All-in-One Lipstick! Not only does it excel as a lipstick, but I also love using it as a blush to try Douyin Blush Style or eyeshadow to create a cohesive and atmospheric makeup look. The curved plush applicator makes the application precise and effortless. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a professional artist, this lipstick is perfect for everyone, adding a touch of glamour to any occasion.

Keep in Mind

Despite its unique formula and innovative design, I found that it took longer than expected for the product to fully set on my lips. The waiting time of 1-2 minutes before pressing my lips together felt slightly inconvenient, especially when I was in a hurry.

Focallure Super Glossy Tint

Positive Aspects:

  1. Lightweight and pigmented: The Super Glossy Tint has a lightweight formula that feels comfortable on the lips. It provides good pigmentation, allowing for vibrant and noticeable color pay-off.
  2. Beautiful glow finish: The gloss leaves a beautiful glow finish on the lips, adding a touch of radiance to your overall look. This can help enhance the appearance of your lips and give them a subtle shine.
  3. Moisturizing and hydrating: The formula of the Super Glossy Tint keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated for long hours. This is beneficial, especially for individuals with dry or chapped lips, as it helps prevent further drying or discomfort.
  4. Versatile for everyday wear: The Super Glossy Tint is suitable for everyday wear. It can be worn alone or layered over other lip products to add shine and dimension. The reviewer found it to be a great option for those who prefer a glossy look during the day.

Negative Aspects:

Decreased glossiness over time: While the initial application provides a glossy effect, the shine diminishes after a few hours of wear.

The gloss still remains moisturized and hydrated, but it doesn’t have the same level of glossiness as when first applied.

Focallure Foundation Review

FOCALLURE PerfectBase Lasting Poreless Liquid Foundation, Medium to Full Coverage

  1. Seamless Coverage and Flawless Complexion: The Perfect Base series lasting poreless liquid foundation excels in providing seamless coverage from medium to full, effectively concealing under-eye circles, redness, and other skin imperfections. It effortlessly gives you a flawless complexion, ensuring you look your best.
  2. Long-lasting and Shine-free Finish: With its oil-free formula, this foundation glides on smoothly, effortlessly blending into the skin. It naturally melds with your complexion, leaving behind a satin, silken finish that remains shine-free throughout the entire day. You can confidently go about your activities while maintaining a fresh and naturally matte appearance.
  3. Lightweight and Breathable: The foundation’s lightweight texture is a standout feature, offering a silky smooth touch upon application. It effortlessly glides onto the skin, providing a second-skin feeling that is comfortable and breathable. It allows your skin to breathe while creating a flawless base for your makeup.

Is Focallure Legit?

Focallure is a legitimate cosmetics brand that offers a wide range of makeup products. The brand has gained popularity and has a presence in the beauty industry.

However, as with any brand, individual experiences and opinions may vary. It is always recommended to research and read reviews from multiple sources to make an informed decision before purchasing products from any brand.

Is Focallure Safe?

Yes, Focallure is safe to use. They do not conduct animal testing, ensuring cruelty-free practices. They provide transparent ingredient lists for consumers to make informed choices, taking into consideration allergies and dietary restrictions. Focallure follows quality manufacturing standards, prioritizing the safety and efficacy of their cosmetics.

Why Focallure So Cheap?

Focallure offers affordable prices for their products due to several factors:

  1. Cost-effective Manufacturing: Focallure may employ cost-effective manufacturing practices, such as efficient production processes, sourcing affordable raw materials, and optimizing their supply chain. These practices help in reducing production costs, allowing them to offer more affordable products.
  2. Online Presence: Focallure primarily operates as an online brand, which eliminates the costs associated with physical retail stores. Online sales provide cost savings on overhead expenses like rent, utilities, and staffing, allowing them to pass on the savings to customers.
  3. Competitive Market: The cosmetics industry is highly competitive, with numerous brands vying for customers’ attention. To attract customers and establish their presence, some brands, including Focallure, may strategically price their products at more affordable levels, making them accessible to a wider range of consumers.

It’s important to note that while Focallure products may be affordable, this does not necessarily imply compromised quality. Many affordable brands can offer products that are of good quality and perform well.

However, individual experiences and preferences may vary, so it’s always recommended to read reviews and consider personal factors before making a purchase.


Does Focallure test on animals?

Focallure does not conduct any animal testing. They do not test their products or ingredients on animals, and they do not allow their manufacturers to do so either. Instead, they test their products on their R&D colleagues with their consent.

Are Focallure products vegan-friendly?

Most of Focallure’s products are not vegan-friendly as they may contain non-vegan ingredients. To determine if a product is vegan, you can check the ingredient list provided on each product for any concerns.

Are Focallure products gluten-free?

Focallure products are not specifically formulated to be gluten-free. If you have allergies or concerns about gluten, it is advised to check the detailed ingredient list on the product page or packaging. For any specific concerns, consulting with a doctor is recommended.

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